About us
ancientall.com was established with the aim of opening the doors of the ancient world to anyone who is curious about this world. Understanding that they whisper to us while wandering the mysterious stone of the past, seeing the magnificence in monuments, getting to know our ancestors more closely will open the doors of the future to us. We the people are together to reach this target. Let’s explore the mystery of this world together.

When the founder of this site went into dialysis, he realized that people with disabilities could not vacation and travel as they wish. It was aimed at curious people who could not travel freely while entering through the gates of the ancient world, and also to travel the whole world online.

The ancient world is such an enthusiasm that once it enters, it does not want to come out again. For this reason, this site, which has not enough budget to travel, people with disabilities, those who are too small to travel alone, has been established for the elderly and all curious people. let’s discover together…