Its secret cannot be solved for 3000 years! The world of science was helpless.

Sea tribes are one of the most interesting and secretive events in world history. They advanced to ancient Egypt and caused an invasion that closed the Bronze Age. It is not known where the sea peoples, whose civilization has gone back a thousand years, come from, and who they are.

Apart from the sea tribes, many events in the world that are claimed to be unable to explain and still keep their secrets. Which is true and which is not known but their common characteristics are very interesting. Here are the events whose reason cannot be understood and the mystery cannot be solved.

The nuclear war ten thousand years ago and its epic Mahabharata… Mohenjo-Daro city is shown as evidence for what is told in the epic.



This developed ancient city in Pakistan was discovered in 1922. Mohenjo-Daro is planned in the form of a grid, and the water system looks like modern systems today. Regular roads and sewage systems are a sign that they have a large population. Brick houses covered with mud have two floors and most of them have bathrooms. It was discovered that the remains of black glass and clay pots on the streets of the ancient city melted by exposure to very high temperatures.

Archaeologists have found skeletons lying on the streets; The fists of these people who died suddenly were tight. The radioactivity detected in the skeletons is at the level of Hiroshima and Nagasaki. In this episode of Mahabharata Epic, “The corpses are burned beyond recognition, the hair and nails of those who do not die are shed, the pots and pots are broken themselves, the food is poisoned.



The warriors trying to escape and their items are washed with ashes. Then a wild wind starts, the clouds roar, dust, and pebbles are falling. Nature loses its balance, the sun shakes in the sky, the world trembles, the scorching heat radiating from the terrible weapon burns everything. ”

At a glance, Mahabharata is the oldest example of science fiction. A dispute between intelligent creatures turns into war and the use of weapons far beyond today’s technology. Italian scientist Roberto Pinotti draws attention to the similarity of Vimanas in the epic with UFOs.